The positive impacts of hypnosis on a variety of medical issues has been proven in clinical research for many years. Here is a small sample of the recent studies that have shown the power of hypnosis to heal and improve lives.

For Treating Acute and Chronic Pain

Study: Use of Hypnosis in the Treatment of Pain
Authors: Jin-Seong Lee, MD corresponding author and Young Don Pyun, MD
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Study: Hypnosis for Treatment of Pain in Children
Authors: Alex L. Rogovik, MD PhD and Ran D. Goldman, MD
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Back Pain

Study: Chronic Low-back Pain Modulation is Enhanced by Hypnotic Analgesic Suggestion by Recruiting an Emotional Network
Authors: Nusbaum F, Redouté J, Le Bars D, Volckmann P, Simon F, Hannoun S, Ribes G, Gaucher J, Laurent B, Sappey-Marinier D.
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Study: Effects of Self-Hypnosis Training and Emg Biofeedback Relaxation Training on Chronic Pain in Persons with Spinal-Cord Injury
Authors: Jensen MP, Barber J, Romano JM, Hanley MA, Raichle KA, Molton IR, Engel JM, Osborne TL, Stoelb BL, Cardenas DD, Patterson DR.
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Sleep Disorders

Study: Hypnotherapy for Sleep Disorders
Authors: Ng BY, Lee TS.
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HPV (Human Papillomavirus)

Study: Efficacy of Hypnosis in the Treatment of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) in Women
Authors: Barabasz A, Higley L, Christensen C, Barabasz M
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Breast Cancer

Study: Hypnosis for Symptom Management in Women With Breast Cancer: A Pilot Study
Authors: Jensen MP, Gralow JR, Braden A, Gertz KJ, Fann JR, Syrjala KL
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Study: The Effectiveness of Hypnosis in Reducing Pain and Suffering Among Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer and Among Women with Temporomandibular Disorder
Authors: Nash MR, Tasso A.
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IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Study: Hypnotherapy Effective Way to Improve IBS Symptoms
Author: Charles P. Vega, MD
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Study: Comparison between Self-Hypnosis, Masking and Attentiveness for Alleviation of Chronic Tinnitus
Authors: Attias J, Shemesh Z, Sohmer H, Gold S, Shoham C, Faraggi D.
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MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and Chronic Pain

Study: Effects of Self-hypnosis Training and Cognitive Restructuring on Daily Pain Intensity and Catastrophizing in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Pain.
Authors: Jensen MP, Ehde DM, Gertz KJ, Stoelb BL, Dillworth TM, Hirsh AT, Molton IR, Kraft GH
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Chest Pain

Study: Treatment of Non-cardiac Chest Pain: A Controlled Trial of Hypnotherapy
Authors: H Jones, P Cooper, V Miller, N Brooks, P J Whorwell
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Morgellons Disease

Study: Hypnosis in the Treatment of Morgellons Disease: A Case Study
Authors: Gartner AM, Dolan SL, Stanford MS, Elkins GR.
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Improve Learning

Study: Boosting Human Learning by Hypnosis
Authors: Dezso Nemeth, Karolina Janacsek, Bertalan Polner and Zoltan Ambrus Kovacs
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