Here are a few stories from our recent clients.


 Video testimonial from Lianne


"Ever since I can remember I have been phobic about doctors and shots/blood tests in particular. I had done it all...screamed, kicked nurses, gotten physically ill, had my doctor write into my chart "No Blood Tests," and for quite some time ignored any annual physical check-ups just to avoid the dreaded needle. I tried to "grow up" and "get past" this fear a number of times on my own with no success.

Just over a year ago I worked with Greg on this problem using hypnosis...and shortly after our sessions, I had went for a "routine" physical check-up --blood test 'n all. I was sort of surprised, but figured it worked because the hynosis was fresh. Well, this week I went for my "annual" physical, and I am thrilled to say that after a year and no additional hypnosis or effort I just had a blood test and barely flinched."

Allan F.

"I first came to work with Greg after a car accident left me afraid to drive, but soon found his skills were desperately needed in many different areas of my life. Once he helped me to work through my newfound fear of driving, we moved on to tackling long-held and outdated beliefs that had plagued me since childhood and had been holding me back from the life I truly wanted to live.

Working with Greg is a calming, reassuring and empowering experience that helps you shed the shackles of your subconscious in order to move forward in your destiny the way you are meant to. I am supremely grateful for the experience, and can't reccomend him enough."

Carly M.

"Greg Beckett is the one of the most talented and intuitive Hypnotherapists that I have worked with, he knows how to get to the heart of the matter. The changes we have worked have been long -lasting and have positively impacted my life forever. Anyone who is looking for a life breakthrough or powerful change in habits would be well served to give Mr. Beckett a call. He is that good."

Joe L.

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